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the partnership

NH90 is a European Collaboration. It takes the best from the European Rotorcraft and Defence Industry.

NH90 is a collaboration between Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo Helicopters and Fokker Aerostructures.

Each company has a long aerospace pedigree and brings the best of its skills and expertise to the end product.


  • Power plant
  • Rotors
  • Electrical system
  • Flight control system
  • Core avionic system
  • Production assembly
  • 31,25%
    Airbus Deutschland

  • Forward and centre fuselage
  • Fuel system
  • Communication system
  • Avionics control system
  • TTH mission system
  • Production assembly
  • 5,5%

  • Tail structure
  • Doors
  • Sponsons
  • Landing gear
  • Intermediate gearbox
  • 32%
    Leonardo Helicopters

  • Rear fuselage
  • Main gearbox
  • Hydraulic system
  • AFCS
  • Plant management system
  • NFH mission system
  • Power plant
  • Production assembly