Product Support Services

“Helicopter serviceability is a primary objective for the NH90 Product Support Team”

Enabling NH90 Customers to accomplishing their missions is the main task of NH90 PS department.
NHI Product Support team plans and provides for all the resources and services needed by Customers to satisfactory operate their NH90 Helicopters, maximizing serviceability.

  • Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP): the IETP moves away from a costly and difficult to manage paper based system to an all electronic system that can be read on any PC or laptop. The ability to search for specific topics and cross relate items becomes simple, quick and cost effective for both air and ground crews.

  • Technical Support: in support of safety and continued operational effectiveness, a technical support system is in place to provide advice and clarification on all technical aspects.

  • Spares Parts provisioning & Repair and Overhaul: The use of modern modeling techniques enable the NH90 team to better manage spare parts requirements, predicting consumption and allowing the definition of a dedicated “initial provision list” tailored on Customers Mission Profile. The repair and overhaul process benefits from an inherent design requirement to extend component lives to reduce through life costs.

  • Logisitc Support Analysis methodology enables Customers to have a detailed overview of Maintenace Acitvities, enabling optimization of planning (e.g. spares, tools, personnel, maintenance intervals.
  • Support Schemes

  • Performance Based schemes: through the implementation of performance based contract NHI shares with Customers the responsibility of NH90 fleet performance. Target maintainability, system availability and committed TAT for components R&O are examples of such innovative approaches.

  • Pay by the Hour Schemes: the NH90 team takes responsibility for agreed levels of performance across specific aspects of the NH90 ILS system based on an agreed flying hour rate.

  • Product Support Packages: the NH90 team is able to provide a number of services associated with usage modelling to predict the maintenance package that best suits the needs of the customer.

  • Training Needs Analysis: the NH90 team is able through discussion with Customers, to analyse and propose training packages to best suit customer needs and timescales.