Quality and environment

Quality Assurance

The NHIndustries quality management system is designed to give assurance that the NHI processes produce the outcomes that customers expect, to enable us to improve our company and to keep our risks under control; In short, it creates more certainty in our business and supports our recognitions as approved Design and Maintenance Organisations.

The Quality Management System represents best practice due to the strong collaboration with our Partners and the engagement of our Customers when developing our management standards. We demonstrate our ability to consistently provide a service that meets stakeholders' expectations by maintaining independent certifications to the internationally recognised EN9100, ISO 9001, and AQAP 2110 standards.

Environmental Management

At NHI we are committed to reducing the negative impact to the environment of our activities and preventing pollution, our environmental policy is the cornerstone of our efforts and is used to establish environmental objectives and improvement programmes.

The following values are the foundation of NHI Environmental Policy :

  • Ensure compliance with environmental legislation and contractual requirements;
  • Deal with the expectations of customers or other stake holders;
  • Support the protection of the environment during maintenance of our products;
  • Prevent pollution caused by our activities.

  • NHIndustries is committed to maintain an Environmental Management System and meaningful objectives to support this policy and promotes a culture of continual improvement in accordance with:
  • The contractual commitments,
  • The Partner Companies policies.