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NFH Missions Packages

"NH90 NFH has a comprehensive mission system that is all-in-one"

The mission system in the NH90 NFH is an all-in-one system that allows autonomous and joint ASW, ASuW and SAR operations without role change. It comprises a comprehensive sensor, voice and data communication and weapons system which uses data fusion techniques to aid information presentation and decision making. This enables a 3 crew concept or when necessary, a second mission console for a crew of 4 can be role fitted. The system is versatile and both mission and cockpit screens can display mission data. This benefits both operational and training scenarios.

Mission Equipment

  • NFH Mission tactical control system.
  • Mission consoles (single or dual).
  • Tactical 360° radar capable of multiple track while scan, auto initialisation and ISAR (Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar).
  • Tactical FLIR interfaced with radar and navigation system.
  • Dipping sonar capable of Low Frequency Continuous Wave and Frequency Modulation.
  • Sonobuoys storage, launch and processing system.
  • Electronic Warfare System including ESM and Countermeasures System.
  • IFF Interrogator.
  • Data Link 11.
  • Digital Map Generator system.
  • Light Stores Dispenser.
  • ASW or ASuW Weapons.
  • 2 x Anti-Ship Missiles (Marte Mk2/S).
  • 2 x Torpedoes (MU90, Mk46 or Stingray).
  • Mixed configuration.