TTH Missions Packages

Missions Packages

In order to fulfill a wide spectrum of missions this new generation helicopter can be equipped with a wide range of equipments.

Role Equipment

  • Armoured crashworthy pilot/co-pilot seats.

  • Foldable and crashworthy troop seats.

  • NATO standard stretchers.

  • Cabin comfort seats.

  • Cargo hook (4,000 kgs) with dynamometer and camera.

  • Single or dual rescue hoist with 270 kgs capability.

  • Heavy stores carriers (port and starboard) 400 kgs or 600 kgs each.

  • Internal auxiliary fuel tanks.

  • External auxiliary fuel tanks.

  • Fast rope/rappelling system.

  • Emergency flotation system.

  • Manual blade and tail folding system.

  • Door mounted pintle machine gun (7.62 mm or 12.7 mm).

  • Armour protection for cabin (modular).

  • Infra-red suppressor system.

  • Wire strike protection system.

  • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System.

  • Piloting FLIR system.

  • Helmet Mounted Sight and Display.

  • Weather radar.

  • Digital Map Generator System.

  • Self protection suite.

  • Emergency Locator System.

  • Personal Locator System.

  • Hover In-Flight Refuelling.