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Integrated Avionic System

The NH90 human machine interface is the most modern in its class. All the main data from the weapon suite and the main aircraft system are displayed on five NVG compatible multifunction displays while the critical flight data are directly displayed on the pilots Helmet sight display.

This fully integrated avionic system comprises several sensors and an accurate navigation system as well as an encrypted communication suite.

This Avionic suite is critical for mission success by day, by night and in the most demanding combat missions.

Integrated Avionic System

Integrated Avionic Suite and Glass Cockpit - Advanced control of helicopter systems, communication suite and flight, navigation and mission aids to enable a high crew output. Configurable screens provide necessary information and simplified controls reduce crew workload to focus on safety and mission success.

  • Helicopter communications suite (internal and external).
  • Tactical communications suite and IFF system.
  • Navigation suite including GPS, Doppler, air data and a digital map generator.
  • Plant management including a vehicle monitoring and diagnostics system.