16 December 2010

NHI is pleased to announce the first flight of the Spanish NH90 TTH. This event took place in Marignane at the Eurocopter facilities on December 17th . This event marks also the first flight of a GE CT7-8F5 powered NH90. This engine has been selected by Spain for its specific performance adapted to the customer requirements.
This important step follows the initial order by the Spanish Government in December 2006 for 45 NH90TTH.

The first two Spanish NH90s are built by Eurocopter in Marignane while the assembly of the remaining 43 has started in Eurocopter Spain (Albacete).
The first NH90 TTH will be transferred to Albacete in 2011 in order to complete the development flights leading to a full qualification by the Spanish Ministry of Defence of the NH90 TTH.
This new generation helicopter will join the Spanish Armed Forces in 2012.

The NH90 TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) is a 11 Ton class helicopter, primarily configured to perform tactical transport missions in all environments, by day and night. The flexibility of the NH90 TTH allows its users to perform multi-role missions such as internal/external load transport, Search and Rescue, Personnel Recovery and Casualty Evacuation.

The NH90 TTH is the most modern helicopter of its class available on the market. It features a high level of system integration built around a dual bus core avionic system, full glass cockpit with
multifunction displays, fly-by-wire controls with 4-axis automatic flight control. The dedicated mission system includes: A piloting Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) system, helmet mounted sight and display, electronic warfare system, tactical control and tactical communication system, weather radar, digital map generator and an on-board monitoring and diagnostic system. It features a fully composite fuselage fitted with a rear ramp which allows the transport of a light tactical vehicle. The two General Electric GE CT7-8F5 engines provide power reserve in all environments. The NH90 helicopter has provision for a number of role equipment to enable mission flexibility and effectiveness coupled with the latest standards for safety and survivability.

The twin-engine, medium-size NH90 helicopter programme is managed by the consortium NHIndustries, a company owned by AgustaWestland (32%), Eurocopter (62.5%), and Fokker
Aerostructures (5.5%). The NH90 helicopter programme is the largest ever launched in Europe, with firm orders now reaching 529 units for 19 Armed Forces of 14 Nations: France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Oman, Australia, New- Zealand, Spain and Belgium.