Software Release 2

8 July 2019

Software Release 2

NHIndustries is pleased to announce the signature of the Software Release 2 Service Order Agreement (SWR2 SOA) between NHIndustries and the NATO Agency NAHEMA acting as the Contracting Authority on behalf of nine Nations (Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden).

This contract is the first development contract onboarding a Community of nine Nations, covering NH90 Avionics new functionalities to follow the evolution of the NH90 operational needs.

“After TLS, Software Release 2 is an important brick in the cooperation between NHI and Customer Nations grouped around NAHEMA, for improving NH90 operability” was commonly shared by the President of NHIndustries and the General Manager of NAHEMA. “It represents a significant step forward for the nations, who each previously managed individual contracts, covering the operational needs of 17 helicopter variants for the benefit of 9 Nations. It paves the way for an improved NH90 product evolutions management”. Both expressed their appreciation for all the contributors who helped to achieve this success.

The NH90 is well suited for operations in the most demanding conditions and has been combat-proven in many theatres of operation worldwide. To date, more than 560 aircraft are currently on order and 390 aircraft have been delivered to 20 customers in 13 countries.