19 June 2013


NHI celebrated today the order of 34 NH90 Tactical Transport Helicopter by France. This celebration took place on NHI booth today at 10.30 am with several authorities from the D.G.A (French Procurement Agency) and the French Army Aviation. (A.L.A.T).

“We are honoured to welcome the DGA and the French Army Aviation at this 50th edition of the Paris Air Show,” declared Xavier Poupardin Delegated Managing Director of NHIndustries. “We are very proud to participate to the modernization of the French Army Aviation with this outstanding helicopter” added Xavier Poupardin. “This technical, industrial and operational success demonstrated by the NH90 TTH Caiman during the last months would not have been possible without a perfect cooperation between DGA, French Armed Forces and industry” explains Xavier Poupardin “This fruitful partnership has been instrumental in demonstrating all the potential of this outstanding helicopter he added “

This order follows the successful “Hot Weather Campaign” performed by French ALAT in the UAE in May-June 2013.

This operation involved the rapid deployment of a French Army Aviation Caiman TTH from Valence to the Al Dhafra base in United Arab Emirates with an AN-124 cargo plane.

During one month, the NH90 logged more than 30 flight hours. It was tested in hot and desertic conditions, performing several operational training missions with special forces by day by night and under extreme temperatures. The aim of this operation was to test the NH90, its weapon system and its engines in the most demanding conditions. The NH90 performed beyond expectations with an availability rate of more than 90%. This key milestone demonstrates the capability of the NH90 to operate anytime anywhere.

The NH90 is the optimal choice for modern operations thanks to its large full composite airframe, its excellent power to weight ratio; and its wide range of rôle equipment. It features a redundant Fly-by-Wire flight control system for reduced Pilot’s workload and enhanced flight characteristics.

The NH90 is proposed in two main variants, one dedicated to naval operations, the NH90NFH (Nato Frigate Helicopter) and a Tactical Transport Variant for land based operations. As of today, around 150 helicopters have been delivered in Naval and Tactical transport variants. They are in service in Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Greece, Oman, Australia and New Zealand.

The twin-engine, medium-size NH90 helicopter program is managed by the consortium NHIndustries, the Company owned by AgustaWestland SpA (32%), Eurocopter (62.5%), and Stork Fokker (5.5%).

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