6 October 1995

In the frame of the NH90 Helicopter Programme, after the signature of an addendum to the general Memorandum of Understanding signed by the four Nations participating to the Programme (France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands), the contract for the Additional Work and National Customisation was signed on 6 October 1995 by NAHEMA (NATO Helicopter Management Agency) and NHIndustries (NH90 prime contractor).

This contract was placed in order to tailor the NH90 helicopter to some peculiar operational needs of the four nations Armed Forces as foreseen in the Design & Development contract.

The “Additional work” groups items that will be developed in the frame of the main D&D contract and that could be commonly utilised:
- second engine installation for NFH and TTH versions (this refers to the engine T700-T6E by Alfa Romeo/General Electric. The first engine installation is the RTM 322-01/9 by Turbomeca/Rolls-Royce/MTU/Piaggio/Topps).
- rear ramp for the Tactical Transport version.
- second missile reinforcement ( for installation of heavy stores up to 700kg).
The “National Customisations” include a command post study, a cannon pod installation study, sand filter, a radiameter, a second VHF/FM for the Tactical Transport version and a sonobuoy data relay study, a Tacan and the rear ramp for the Naval version.

The activities will be carried out by the four industrial partners, Agusta S.p.A (Italy), Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH, Eurocopter France S.A. and Fokker (The Netherlands) according to the design responsibility defined in the contract.

The global contract value amounts to 58.230 MECU. It creates a slight adjustment of the national shares in the Programme (now 41.6 % for France, 28.2 % for Italy, 23.7 % for Germany, 6.5 % for The Netherlands).

Few days after the start of the tests of the “Iron Bird” at Agusta - Cascina Costa plant (Italy), and after the roll-out of its 1st prototype at Eurocopter -Marignane plant (France), the NH90 programme is making a new step forward.