1 September 2003

NHIndustries is very proud to announce that on August 29, 2003, in Athens, Doctor Spyros TRAVLOS General Director for Financial, Planning & Defence investment of the Hellenic Ministry of Defence and Gérard MAITREPIERRE General Manager of NHIndustries signed a purchase contract for 20 NH90 helicopters plus 14 in option.

n addition to this contract, an offset agreement involving Hellenic Aircraft Industry (HAI) and other high-tech Hellenic Industry Group has also been signed by the Hellenic Ministry of Defence and NHIndustries.

The 20 NH90 firm order, amounting 657 million €, includes 16 Tactical Transport variants and 4 Special Operations variants to be operated by the Hellenic Army. All helicopters can be converted into Medevac variant with 4 ordered roll change medical kits.

The 14 options are composed of 12 tactical transport and 2 special operation variants.

All the NH90 to be operated by the Hellenic Armed Forces are equipped with Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322-01/9 engines.

First NH90 Tactical Transport will be delivered to Greece by late 2005 and the whole firm series will be completed within the year 2010 (including option).

With Greece as a 9th European customer, the NH90 confirms his primacy as a first ranking equipment of modern Armed Forces in terms of rationalisation, standardisation, mission performance and optimum interoperability. This contract now brings the NH90 sales record up to 325 firm orders and 86 options.

NHIndustries also shares this new success with the 4 originating participating Nations of the NH90 programme which have largely contributed to the design, development, and qualification of this excellent helicopter system.