Tactical Transport Helicopter

Military Survivability

Military Survivability


The NH90 is designed to operate in the most difficult operational conditions to perform the most demanding missions.

The NH90 is the helicopter able to perform the mission and to bring its crew back home. In oder to achieve this, the aircraft signatures have been reduced, while all the main systems are redundant. The Electronic protection suite ensures that the crew is aware of the threats on the theatre of operation and offers the adequate level of protection.


  • Ballistic tolerant design (primary systems).
  • Armoured protection of people and systems.
  • Multi-redundant systems.
  • Reduced signatures (IR suppressors, low cross section, low noise).
  • Advanced self protection suite (Laser Warning Receiver, Radar Warning Receiver, Missile Launch Detection System, Chaff/Flare Dispensing System).
  • Wire cutters.
  • Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS).
  • Protection against Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).
Military Survivability
Military Survivability
Military Survivability
Military Survivability
Military Survivability

Flight hours: 110 000

Total deliveries: 306

All weather

NH90 in hot or frozen conditions

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NH90 in hot or frozen conditions

The NH90 in the world

Total deliveries : 306

> The Netherlands .20 NH90 NFH

The Netherlands

> Belgium .4 NH90 TTH + 4 NH90 NFH


> Germany .82 NH90 TTH + 18 NH90 NFH


> France .74 NH90 TTH + 27 NH90 NFH


> Italy .70 NH90 TTH + 46 NH90 NFH


> Portugal .10 NH90 TTH


> Spain .22 NH90 TTH


> Greece .20 NH90 TTH


> Norway .14 NH90 NFH


> Finland .20 NH90 TTH


> Sweden .18 NH90 TTH


> Oman .20 NH90 TTH


> Australia .46 NH90 TTH


> New Zealand .9 NH90 TTH

New Zealand

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