Maintainability Features

“The NH90 has been designed with maintainability in mind”.

Main aircraft systems are continuously monitored during flight. Acquired maintenance data are then processed by the maintenance specialists through several state of the art tools.

Main maintenance features:

  • Monitoring and Diagnostic System (MDS): monitors major helicopter systems, flight hours and component conditions to provide intelligent information to maintenance teams regarding necessary maintenance and schedules. Information is held on a memory plug that is transferred to the GLIMS.
  • Ground Logistic Management Information System (GLIMS): a ruggedised laptop that accepts the MDS information by memory plug, informs the maintenance team about component lives and models trends in conditions.
  • Integrated Electronic Technical Publications (IETP): provides all the information associated with operating and maintaining the helicopter and its systems through a paperless technical publication.
  • General Purpose Automatic Test Equipment (GPATE): enables first and second line testing of avionic equipments to ensure autonomous operation and maintenance

Maintainability Features
Maintainability Features

Flight hours: 110 000

Total deliveries: 306

All weather

NH90 in hot or frozen conditions

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NH90 in hot or frozen conditions

The NH90 in the world

Total deliveries : 306

> The Netherlands .20 NH90 NFH

The Netherlands

> Belgium .4 NH90 TTH + 4 NH90 NFH


> Germany .82 NH90 TTH + 18 NH90 NFH


> France .74 NH90 TTH + 27 NH90 NFH


> Italy .70 NH90 TTH + 46 NH90 NFH


> Portugal .10 NH90 TTH


> Spain .22 NH90 TTH


> Greece .20 NH90 TTH


> Norway .14 NH90 NFH


> Finland .20 NH90 TTH


> Sweden .18 NH90 TTH


> Oman .20 NH90 TTH


> Australia .46 NH90 TTH


> New Zealand .9 NH90 TTH

New Zealand

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