NHIndustries NH90 : The new Reference for the Armed Force



The NSHP Committee, representing Finland, Norway and Sweden, announced the selection of the NH90 as the common helicopter for the Nordic Standard Helicopter Programme.

At the same time the Defence Ministers of Finland and Norway declared their agreement to follow the NSHP recommendation for the NH90, while the Sweden acknowledged the NSHP recommendation and will soon let know its official decision.

This followed the Danish Government decision in favour of the AgustaWestland EH101.

This selection has been done after a systematic and professional process by NSHP: RFI in 1999, RFP in 2000, analysis of bidder answers in 2000, fact finding including flight evaluation at the end of 2000, preparation of the report in 2001, and, final negotiation during the summer of 2001.

Therefore NHIndustries (Agusta 32%, Eurocopter 62.5% and Fokker 5.5%) is very proud of the success of the NH90 helicopter after a competition with all existing and future 9 to 15 ton class
helicopter systems.

Following the NAHEMA cooperation (France, Germany, Italy, and The Netherlands, recently joined by Portugal) the choice of NSHP reconfirms the NH90 multirole capability to respond to the various operational needs of modern Armed Forces: tactical troop transport, SAR/CSAR, coast guard, medevac, ship- and land-based ASW/ASUW.

This selection will be followed very soon by the contract signatures for the supply of 34 helicopters and 10 options (excluding Sweden), which will bring the total firm orders up to 287 NH90 and 65 options.

The NH90, now selected by 8 European Countries, represents a major step forward in terms of rationalisation and standardisation of equipment within the Armed Forces, and optimum interoperability in multinational tasks forces and United Nations missions.