NHIndustries NH90 : The new Reference for the Armed Force



NHIndustries is very pleased to welcome Belgium as the 14th Country to select the NH90:
“following the proposition of the Belgian Ministry of Defence Mr. André Flahaut, the Council Minister authorised today the launching of the procedure for the acquisition of 10 NH90 multirole helicopters by entering into the International Programme Organisation NAHEMO.”

It is the intention of Belgium to acquire the NH90s and relative support through the NATO Helicopter Management Agency (NAHEMA), which represents the Governments that launched the Design and Development of the NH90 Helicopters in 1991, namely France, Germany, Italy, and The Netherlands, joined by Portugal in 2001.
NAHEMA manages and controls the overall NH90 Programme.
The helicopters will have to provide Belgian Armed Forces with comprehensive Search and Rescue (SAR), maritime and transport capabilities
The NH90 is a new generation military helicopter equipped with modern technology and systems able to perform tactical transport, naval, SAR and “Utility” missions by day/night and in adverse weather conditions. This twin engine, medium/heavy class helicopter features a corrosion free carbon fibre fuselage, fly-by-wire controls, composite rotor and many other leading edge features.
NHIndustries is the company created by Agusta, Eurocopter, and StorkFokker for the NH90 Programme management. The NHIndustries responsibility covers the design, the development, the production, the marketing and sales, and the in service support for the NH90 all over the world.
The NH90 back-log totals today 357 firm orders, 120 options and now more than 73 announced selections by 18 Armed Forces of 14 Countries overseas.
The NH90 will bring its Users towards true rationalisation, standardisation, and interoperability among Armed Forces thanks to tailoring specific mission requirements and growth potential capabilities, which can be exploited throughout its lifetime.